Manage demand for electronic design with Circuithinking

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Choose the level of electronics service you require

Do you require a full turnkey solution, individual electronic design skillsets, an advisory consultancy or maybe you’re not sure? We can help with all of these, it’s one of the main the advantages of choosing Circuithinking as an electronics service, because we can give you exactly just what you need.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements. Our extensive knowledge can help you develop new products or perhaps improve older ones. For additional support services to strengthen your resources consider our embedded software, FPGA or PCB design services.

Full Turnkey Design Services

Find out more about the Circuithinking one stop solution to bringing products from idea to realisation.

Who might require a full turnkey service?

  • Customers who have no or little knowledge of the design and production process
  • Customers do not have the capacity to handle the design and production process
Full Turnkey Design Services Explained

Support Electronic Services

Whether you need off-site additional assistance or on-site temporary additional capacity in embedded systems, FPGA or PCB Circuithinking has the capacity to help.

Who might require support electronics services?

  • Businesses requiring capture/performance specification services
  • Businesses requiring working to specification/requirements to produce product
  • Businesses requiring Test and production design services
  • Businesses who don’t have an engineering team
  • Manufacturers who want to automate manufacture
  • Companies that produce products using outsourced labour
  • Companies that want consultation on a skill set they don’t have
  • Businesses who do have an engineering team, but need extra capacity
  • Businesses that need consultation about implemented solutions (“A second set of eyes”)
  • Businesses that need workload covered using outsourced design effort
  • Businesses that don’t have a particular skill set in their current business.
Support Electronic Design Systems in Detail