Additional PCB design services to improve capacity

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Circuithinking PCB hardware design service for additional flexibility and capacity

Circuithinking hardware engineers are experienced in a wide range of applications. Whether you’re designing for large or small volume, low or high complexity or low cost/cutting edge; we can provide you with a solution.

We’re happy to work in any sector, using any tool you want and on whatever task you need completing. You’ll find Circuithinking electronic design engineers are an invaluable additional resource.

When asking us to use our process, our PCB engineers follow a strict quality control set of guidelines which is invaluable when testing and evaluating a product in its development phases.

Circuithinking PCB design services at a glance

  • LTSpice
  • Mentor LineSim
  • Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Analysis
  • Mentor Graphics Schematic Capture and Layout
  • KiCad Schematic Capture and Layout
  • Power Supply Design (Linear/Switch Mode High/Low Voltage)
  • High Speed Digital
  • Precision Analogue
  • Microcontroller/FPGA Implementation
  • Cost Optimization/Low Cost
  • Rugged Design
  • Design For Manufacture
  • Design for Test
  • EMC Compliance
  • Low Voltage Directive Compliance