Electronic design services for the scientific instruments sector

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A highly experienced scientific electronics equipment design service

Circuithinking electronic design engineers are very experienced in scientific equipment design and production. We employ unique and intelligent requirements capture in parallel with a sophisticated quality management system. This results in quicker response and development times, reductions in development costs and user-friendly operation thanks to improved communication channels between the different stake holders involved.

Whatever you require from your scientific equipment Circuithinking can add features that make them among, if not the best, in the world.

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Scientific measurement equipment electronics design service

From complicated atom measuring large integrated scientific instrumentation to simple hand-held units, Circuithinking can make your product more appealing to the end user with features like better ergonomics, better or simplified user experience and robust high-quality designs that are more reliable and sturdy.

Research and development electronics design service

For educational and laboratory research teams Circuithinking can be an invaluable partner providing valuable insights and scoping advice to bring new technologies or products from the drawing board to fruition. Ask us about our ‘working in partnership’ programme.

Who would require a scientific electronics equipment design service from Circuithinking?

  • Scientific equipment producers
  • Research and development organisations
  • Universities or Further education establishments

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