Electronic design services for the communications sector

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Communications electronics design service

Circuithinking provides a complete range of electronic design services for the field of communications. From broadband infrastructure to wireless telephony, our expertise and unique ‘Why that way?’ approach opens up new and advanced possibilities.

Data cabinets housing hardware
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Digital Communications electronics design service

Designing electronics for technology like broadband internet is a necessity for now and in the future. Whether you’re a networking equipment supplier or an ISP in need of consultation on the next new piece of infrastructure, Circuithinking has the right service for your needs.

Wireless Telephony electronics design service

With smart phones becoming the main way to communicate on a day to day basis, new designs for all aspects of the smart phone are competitive. Whether it’s the 3/4G chipset controlling access to the cellular network or the user interaction via new and intuitive screens and interfaces, Circuithinking’s unique perspective can help give you ac