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Circuithinking provides smarter electronics design solutions

Circuithinking is an Electronics design company with a difference. After working in multiple business sectors in the electronics design industry, we’ve identified a number of areas where taking a different approach can significantly improve outcomes including; Shortening project duration, saving costs on hardware builds and saving on component selection costs. We do all of this whilst still ensuring the specification meets all compliance standards and safety margins necessary.

Uniquely, we focus on better communication, using state of the art technological advances and asking – ‘why that way?’ questions at every step of the process. These are just some of the things that set us apart from our competitors. We call it Circuthinking – it’s a smarter and more streamlined way of doing electronics design for a wide range of industry applications.

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More flexible and well documented electronics design

Circuithinking is all about improving the design and implementation process of electronics design. It means a secure, well documented and well commented approach to design. This enables our customers to see what has been done clearly at any stage in the project’s development. And because the design and production process is transparent, there’s no risk to the project if a key member of personnel becomes unavailable.

Quality Management from a business passionate about high standards

From our full turnkey service to consultancy on the latest and greatest in current technology, Circuithinking operates with a robust, concise and fluent quality management system to provide you with a “pick up and go” level of quality, ensuring that you can continue to use the outputs of our electronics design service wherever and whenever.

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Circuithinking People

We are experienced, qualified and always positive about electronics design. We’re people that do electronics in and out of work, so you can be sure that our passion will enhance your product. We’re also all fluent English speakers; we pride ourselves on our communication with customers so that you can ensure you know you’re getting the right service.
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