Electronic design services for the industrial equipment sector

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A Smarter industrial electronics design service

At Circuithinking we like a challenge. We also don’t think that because something has always been done a certain way that there isn’t a better way of achieving what is required. Our unique approach to project requirements capture allows us to be more innovative which in turn can deliver impressive savings in cost and development as well as being more efficient in the long run.

Contact us today to see how our bespoke requirements capture and quality management systems could save you more and deliver a better end result.

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Process machinery electronic systems

There are very few production lines that don’t involve sophisticated electronics. At Circuithinking we’re always looking to improve on what has gone before whether its making things more reliable, more cost effective, more future proof or all of these together. From live data reporting equipment to product monitoring and a whole lot more we’re the perfect partner to engage with to deliver the best outcome. Ask us toda