Electronic design services for the military sector

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A reliable and secure military electronics design service

Circuithinking provides a complete range of electronic design services for military applications in the air, on the ground, or at sea. Whether it’s extremely high or low operating temperatures, or challenging electromagnetic events, we can design solutions that you can depend on.

Our latest technology solutions along with security background approval delivers peace of mind at every stage of development.

rugged laptop used by military

Air-based Military electronics design service

From missiles to aircraft, satellites and drones, Circuithinking applies the same innovative efficient systems to deliver world-beating solutions in electronic design.

Land-based Military electronics design service

Circuithinking are specialists in meeting ruggedisation specifications for a wide range of land-based military vehicles, along with detection and target location equipment. Establishing and designing to tough requirements is where our unique requirements capture system was initially developed and perfected.